Customer Highlight: A Carpenter's Son

Customer Highlight: A Carpenter's Son

Adopted for Life

In early 2015 Josh and Laura Scheutzow started an Instagram account and Etsy shop solely as a platform to sell wooden craft pieces and furniture to raise money for their upcoming domestic adoption. A Carpenter's Son was born. Josh and Laura always wanted a large family. They were blessed to have have two biological sons, but unfortunately they were unable to get pregnant again. That struggle turned into a beautiful redemptive story that led the Scheutzow's to begin the process of adopting. Working hard to use the woodworking business to offset the domestic adoption fees, their Etsy shop and Instagram following (@a_carpenters_son) exploded. The agency fees were completely transparent, with much of the money going towards legal, medical, and birth expenses. The agency told them to expect around $30-$35,000 total for the adoption. The Scheutzow's worked and put 100% of their proceeds from the sales toward the adoption. In September of 2015 The Scheutzow family was matched with a beautiful birth mother and walked though the last trimester of her pregnancy hand in hand. In December of 2015, a beautiful third baby boy was born (a bit earlier than expected) to the loving care of Josh and Laura. After a few tough weeks baby Scheutzow was strong enough to leave the NICU and officially became a Scheutzow!

Continuing for a Cause

The response to the Scheutzow's adoption fund raising was incredible. It launched ACS into a position to meet the need of quality, custom furniture for both commercial and residential spaces. From just Josh making cutting boards to now a team of 6 craftsmen (and women) ACS has become the best choice for custom furniture. Growing in our craft, we’re thrilled to see where this continues to go.

Check them out here.

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