How to paint raw steel

How to Paint Raw Steel Table Legs In Just A Few Easy Steps

Raw steel legs will rust if not painted. Painting is a simple and inexpensive way to customize your legs. If you prefer the look of the raw steel, follow the steps below and use a clear coat instead of a colored spray paint.  This process should be done outside or in a well ventilated area.



Step 1 Clean and prep the legs

Your raw steel table legs will arrive with a light coating of oil to prevent rust during transit. To clean, wipe thoroughly with acetone and let dry. If you don’t have acetone, Windex will work.

Once dry, use a scotch bright pad and rub along the surface of the leg. This will help the spray adhere to the unfinished steel.


Step 2 Prime the Legs (optional)

We have found that simply spraying the legs with a quality spray paint is sufficient to prevent rusting and corrosion. However, applying a primer will offer twice the protection of using enamels alone. If you chose to prime, apply a couple of coats before painting. We do recommend this step in high humidity climates. Some sprays offer a paint and primer in one so keep that in mind when choosing a paint.

Step 3 Paint the Legs

Before applying the paint, be sure to shake the can for about 1 minute. You will want to continue to shake the can during use to keep the paint property mixed. Check the instructions on the can for the recommended distance from the surface being sprayed. Typically, it will be about 8 to 10 inches. It is important to keep the can the same distance from the surface to ensure the coverage is smooth and even. Spray in a steady, back and forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke. Continuously move the can while spraying to avoid drips. 

We recommend painting in sections. Start with the mounting plate facing you and apply a thin coat.

Once dry, stand the leg up and spray the other side using the same technique. 

Repeat 2-3 times, letting the leg dry between coats. Once dry, they are ready to install.

This process works well for all of our raw steel legs, from hairpin legs to our heavy duty tube legs, painting allows you to personalize your next DIY project. 

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