Simple Ikea Hack: DIY Console Table

Simple Ikea Hack: DIY Console Table

The best part about Ikea hacks? They're usually super easy and cost-effective, and you can do them yourself. If you're looking for a new piece of furniture that's simple, stylish, and can be built by anyone with minimal skills, look no further than this DIY console table.


Ikea Ekby Alex Shelf 28" brass 3rod legs (or chose your favorite style)

Screws - We used #8 3/4" screws



Step One: Assemble Ikea Ekby Shelf

Putting together the shelf will be the hardest part of the project. It took us about one hour to assemble and compared to other pieces of furniture we've put together, it wasn't too bad. Like most Ikea furniture, the directions do not have written instructions so if you find yourself having a difficult time, there are several videos online that may help. 

Step Two: Attach Hairpin Legs to Shelf

You are now ready to complete your DIY console table. Our brass hairpin legs have a mounting plate with three 1/4" holes. For this project we used #8 3/4" screws. Position the legs on each corner, about 3/4" from the edge and secure with your drill. 



Now you have an easy and fast way to build your own stylish DIY console table.  Console tables serve as a nice compliment to entry ways and are great  to utilize small spaces to not only function as additional storage, but to also show off some of your home decor and personality.


This piece would also work well as a small writing desk or sofa table!

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