Blue two rod hairpin shelf brackets with a white shelf holding books, plant and picture frame.

Ikea Bergshult Shelf Hack

Pair of blue two rod hairpin shelf brackets holding a white shelf. Decorated with books, plant and a photo.

A good shelf can help transform a room and provide a stylish storage option for organizing your home. The IKEA Bergshult shelf is a simple, sleek shelf on its own, but take it to the next level with our 2rod hairpin shelf brackets.

These versatile shelves work well in offices, kitchens, laundry rooms and bedrooms (just to name a few). Stack several together to create a shelving system that works for your space.

Our 2rod hairpin shelf brackets are best suited for a one inch board, making the Bergshult Shelf a perfect fit. The shelf is available in two sizes and three finishes, you can choose the style that best fits your space.

Spray Paint
Ikea Bergsult Shelf 8” 2rod shelf bracket

Step 1: Paint the 2rod hairpin shelf brackets

The 2rod hairpin shelf brackets are unfinished and will need to be painted to prevent rusting. 

See our guide to painting raw steel here.

Step 2: Hang your 2rod hairpin shelf brackets

Determine where you want to hang your shelf and use a stud finder to locate wall studs. If the spacing works out, you will be able to just simply screw the brackets into the wall. If not, you will want to mount wall anchors before screwing your shelf brackets to the wall.

Hold up the bracket where you will be installing and use the mounting hole to mark the spot with a pencil. Install one screw using your drill /driver in the shelf bracket and use your level to plumb the bracket before installing the 2nd screw. Repeat this process with the other bracket, using the level to make sure the brackets are even.

Once both brackets are secure, slide the shelf in between the two shelf brackets.

Step 3: Style your shelf

Now the real fun begins, it's time to style your shelf. Need some styling tips? Get ideas and inspiration here.


Shop our 2rod hairpin shelf brackets here.

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