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Selecting the Right Hairpin Table Leg for your Project

What height hairpin table leg should I use for my project?

You will first need to determine the overall height of the table you are building. Subtract the thickness of the top to determine the leg height needed. See the chart below for standard furniture heights:

Furniture Standard Size
Dining Table & Desks 28"-30"
Coffee Table 16"-18"
End Table 16"-18"
Counter Height Table 34"-36"
Bar Height Table 40"-43"
Bench 18"-20"

If you are building a desk and you want the overall height to be 30” and your top is 2” thick, you would choose a 28” leg.

Should I use 2rod or 3rod legs, standard (3/8" rod) or heavy duty (1/2 rod)?

The 2 rod hairpin legs have a minimalistic look and work well for smaller, lighter weight tables (coffee table, end tables, small lighter weight desks and dining tables). 

The third rod makes the legs more stiff than traditional hairpin legs. These table legs are ideal for larger desks and dining room tables. Of course some people order them just because they like the look of the third rod.

As the legs get taller, the more they flex. For taller tables, adding the 3 rod or moving to a heavy duty (1/2") option is important to consider.  Select the 3 rod or heavy duty hairpin legs for larger, heavier tables and projects.

Also, the larger rods on the heavy duty (1/2") legs tend to look better proportionally on a larger, thicker tops. 

With shorter legs, the standard (3/8") hairpin legs can hold much more weight and you do not necessarily need to select heavy duty leg. For example, a set of 8" standard (3/8') hairpin 3rod or 2rod legs can be used on a couch or even a bed.

See all our hairpin leg table options here.

What finish should I choose?

Raw steel is unfinished and will need to be protected to prevent rust. Looking for a specific color? Follow our step by step guide to painting raw steel easily and inexpensively!  Stainless Steel will not rust and does not require any additional protection.

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I recently ordered a set of 22" – 2rod hairpin legs for an end table I am building. To my surprise, the legs arrived a full week ahead of the scheduled delivery date. The build quality greatly exceeded my expectations. Having worked in the sheet metal and machining industry for much of my career I was impressed by the burr-free laser cut top brackets, the welds and the consistency of the bends and other dimensions. My table is rock solid. I also appreciated your painting instructions for raw steel. You can rest assured that if I have another project requiring hairpin legs or any other of your product offerings you will be my “go-to” source. It is good to find a company that takes such pride in its products.

Ed Shelleny

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