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Slab C Channel

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Superior Quality, Low Prices, Made in the USA🇺🇸

Perfect for DIY wood slab construction. For those big slabs that want to move on you. These ultra strong C channels are low profile but extremely strong. Formed from 3/16" thick plate steel with slotted holes to accommodate threaded inserts or heavy duty lag screws.


  •  Product: Slab C Channel
  •  Unit of measure: Price is for one channel
  •  Material: 3/16" plate steel
  •  Size: 2.5" wide .938" deep (.75" deep inside)
  •  Mounting: 3/8" x 3/4" slots placed 4" on center
  •  Finish: Unfinished steel*
  •  Lead Time: Ships same day or within one to two business day
  •  Shipping Cost: Calculated at check out
  •  Made in Columbus, Ohio

Raw steel is unfinished and will need to be protected to prevent rust. Looking for a specific color? Follow our step by step guide to painting raw steel easily and inexpensively.


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